Where You Should Bring Your Gorgeous Lady Friend On A First Date

You already have made the first move. You have asked the girl you have a crush on, and fortunately, she said yes. The next thing that you should do is decide where to take her on your first date. This is something that you should do right after you made the decision of finally asking her out. However, if you have not prepared anything yet, there is no need to fret. You can read on and find some tips that can surely help you out.

Impressing the girl that you like would be the immediate thing that your instinct would tell you. In a normal dating scene, a guy would bring a girl to a movie and dinner date. However, this kind of dating has become too common that it becomes too predictable. If you are serious about giving a lasting first impression to your lady friend, you should be open to new ideas and be open to try new things. Here are some of the things that you can do, which will surely gain you a good and lasting first date impression:

– You can have a date in an amusement park. Having your date night set in the amusement park is something that is unique and fun. You will surely not run out of activities to do. In addition, you will surely have tons of fun especially if both of you are fond of adventure.

– You can arrange a dinner at your place. This kind of dating arrangement will give you an opportunity to make your lady friend very special. Cooking for her and serving her dinner is something that a lady would appreciate. This will surely gain you dating points. Plus, you can show off your culinary skills while your lady friend is waiting and watching you.

– You can take your date to a dinner theatre. This is something unique and very entertaining. Your dinner date will only get better as you enjoy a theatre performance on stage. Your date will be impressed of your dating choice. She will surely have a glimpse of your romantic side.

– You can enjoy a kite flying date. This kind of date is out of the ordinary. You can simply drop by your favorite arts and crafts store or your local store and buy a kite. You can then head to the beach, park, or any open space to fly your kite. You are wrong in believing that kite flying is for kids only. It is a romantic to do too with your special lady friend (not to mention fun).

– You can have a date under the moonlight. This is another romantic to do on your first date. After your dinner and theatre date, you can go out and have a walk under the moonlight. Of course, you also have to make sure that the night sky is clear, full of stars, and the moon is shining bright.

There are other activities that you can try on your first date. You just have to remember to communicate properly and set your lady friend’s expectations. You also have to make sure that your lady love is open to the idea.

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